Hold a 15 min Conversation With a Native Speaker In 90 Days

The Add1Challenge is a private community of passionate language learners who have overcome shyness, gained consistent motivation, and even landed jobs in their new language. Learning together is better than learning alone.

The Difference the #Add1Challenge Makes For Language Learners

"Each Add1Challenge teaches me something no amount of money can buy."

Kevin Richardson, UK

3-time challenger


"My understanding and my listening skills have increased more than I thought possible in just 30 days of the Add1Challenge.


I didn't even think I would be at this point at the end. It's absolutely amazing."

Tasha Kavanagh, Canada

Why It Works

The #Add1Challenge is a proven process that produces breakthrough results for language learners around the world.
Each aspect of the Add1Challenge is based on the psychology of motivation and accountability. We hit each personality and learning type, so no matter who you are, the Challenge will help you study more consistently, overcome fears, and speak your target language.

What You Get

  • 90 Day Add1Challenge Course Covers what you need to focus on in different stages of your challenge, potential pitfalls, how to stay motivated, and hacks on how to learn language.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can get support, share your progress and gain inspirations.
  • Track your daily work on our Accountability Tracking Spreadsheet where everyone can see each other’s progress.
  • Get assignments and mini-challenges designed to help you go beyond your fear of speaking.
  • Once a month, you will have direct access to polyglots who have dedicated their whole lives to language learning. You can ask your burning questions directly via Google Hangout.
  • Mastermind Group (optional): touch base, share victories, insights, struggles and encouragement via Facebook chat.
  • Study Group (optional): Schedule weekly practice, so you can practice speaking and get to know others who are learning the same language.

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